Project Spotlight: Lovecraftian Dining Room


Alright, this one’s personal - this is my dining room! For those who don’t know, my house is tiny - a whopping 950 square feet, including a third floor. So as you can imagine, rooms are small and entertainment space is limited. My husband is a big tabletop gamer, and I wanted to give him a space to entertain his friends, store his games, but also operate as an actual dining room. We have a small front room that fit the bill perfectly.

He’s a big fan of Lovecraftian lore, so I used that as inspiration. I pulled artwork from our existing collection, and used that as a kicking off point. We picked up a bookcase that could showcase our collection of books and collectibles, while hiding our game collection below. We also brought our record player in and put it on a cube storage unit that could house our records and double as a buffet.


Next we brought in a table that was as big as we could fit! Normally, I would not recommend this, but we knew this was a space that people would be sitting for long periods of time, and wanted to give them a comfortable amount of space. We found some mid-century dining chairs with a low profile that were a perfect fit. Then, we grounded it all with a rug, and some nerdy collectibles and a multi-layered centerpiece - and voila! Our dining/gameroom was born.

IMG_3670 copy.JPG